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What Are the Most Common Scorpions in Arizona? Phoenix, AZ
What Are the Most Common Scorpions in Arizona?
What Are the Most Common Scorpions in Arizona? Phoenix AZ
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April 26, 2024

Common Scorpions in Arizona: Identifying Species in the Phoenix Area

From the Bark Scorpion to the Stripetail Scorpion, there are four species of scorpions native to the Phoenix AZ area. They all love dry climates characterized by the southern parts of Arizona. It can be dangerous to your health to have scorpions in your home or yard, thanks to the possibility of delivering a painful sting at least and a fatal sting at worst. While several scorpions will sting, they usually reserve this for stunning and killing smaller forms of prey so they can eat them.

That’s why deaths from scorpion stings are rare, but they can and do happen. Be aware of the many species of scorpions that are often found in Phoenix AZ and how to tell them apart. If you discover scorpions on your property contact a pest control company that specializes in scorpion control.

1. Arizona Bark Scorpion

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One of the most common scorpions found in Arizona, the Bark scorpion is distinctive from others due to their long, slender metasomas (these are their tails that encase their stinger), arms and fingers, all offset by a yellow-tan color. Scorpions residing in higher elevations sport stripes on their bodies. When a metasoma is at rest, it is typically coiled to the side.

You’ll find the Arizona bark scorpion in rocky desert regions, but they can also hide out in your home or in tree bark, which is how they got their name. Bark scorpions happen to be more venomous than other scorpions in Arizona. After a sting, you will experience painful swelling, breathing difficulties and muscle spasms. Seek medical attention immediately if this happens to you.

2. Arizona Giant Hairy Scorpion

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This is the biggest scorpion in the country, featuring hairy metasomas and pedipalps. True to their name, they feature dense hair coverage with unique colors. While their dorsal areas are dark, their appendages are yellow. They like to hang out in the saguaro forests, feeding on other scorpions, spiders, and centipedes.

3. Arizona Stripetail Scorpion

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Another very common type of scorpion found in AZ, the Stripetail has a robust metasoma and a striped dorsal, finished off with a spinoid granule. Yellow in color, they feature dark stripes on their dorsal areas. Females are bigger than their male counterparts, and don’t usually grow bigger than three inches in length. The Arizona stripetail scorpion prefers to hide under rocks and in homes.

4. Yellow Ground Scorpion

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Similar in appearance to the Arizona Bark Scorpion, they are often misidentified. Yellowish in color, they have slim hands and fingers, and sport a granular texture all over their bodies. The first two metasomal segments happen to be wide and long. You will find these nocturnal scorpions in southeastern Arizona.

Now that you’re a bit more knowledgeable about scorpions throughout the Phoenix AZ area, you can identify each one and get the proper pest control help when needed.

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