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How to Remove a Bee Stinger Safely Phoenix, AZ
It's Important To Remove The Stinger
How to Remove a Bee Stinger Safely Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Pest Control
Sept 19, 2022

Removing The Bee Honey Bee Stinger

While some stinging insects can sting repeatedly, others lose their stingers right after the attack and even die. Did you know that bumble bees, honey bees and carpenter bees all sting, but only the worker honey bees leave their stinger behind in your skin?

The next time you get stung by a bee, check to see if the stinger was left behind. The honey bee’s stinger will continue to slowly release venom as long as it stays in your skin. This is why you need to take out the stinger and venom sac as soon as possible, which will reduce the intensity of any reaction you may have. There are a few different ways to remove stingers, but the important thing to remember is to be quick about it.

Scrape Out the Stinger

You should be able to spot the venomous sac by taking a close look at the sting site. It will resemble a small yellow ball at the tip of the stinger. This sac should allow you to easily scrape the stinger out without having to go get the tweezers. Use a flat object such as a nail file or credit card to scrape it across the sting using steady pressure. Repeat until it comes out.

Coins like pennies, quarters, and dimes should also work, as should dull butter knives and needles. Just be careful and have someone help you if you can. And lastly, you can use your own fingernails to scrape and remove the stinger. Just be sure to clean your hands and the wound site before and after.

If nothing seems to work, numb the area with ice and then try again.

Pull Out the Stinger

If you can’t scrape the stinger out by the sac, the next method to try is to grab and pull out the stinger with your fingernails or tweezers. Some experts caution against this, as squeezing the stinger will only inject more venom into your skin. Always try the scraping method first, then try this method if the stinger is visibly sticking out and it’s easy to get ahold of.

Preventing Stings

The best remedy for stings is to not get stung in the first place. But this isn’t always possible, no matter how careful you are. You will have to be more diligent if you have a serious allergy to bee or hornet stings to avoid a life threatening reaction. If you get a headache, break out in hives, have shortness of breath, or get nauseous after a sting, seek medical help immediately.

The best method of prevention is to work with a pest control expert in Mesa to control bee infestations in and around your house.

Have Bee Problems?

If you have an infestation of bees or other stinging insects on your property, don’t hesitate to call Frontino Pest Control at 602-338-9223. Our experienced Glendale AZ exterminators will visit your home and provide an inspection to explore the best course of action.

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