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How to Avoid a Pest-Infested Home by Decluttering Phoenix, AZ
Clutter Makes For A Great Place To Live For Pest
How to Avoid a Pest-Infested Home by Decluttering Phoenix AZ
Pest Control
Nov 15, 2023

Pest Love Clutter

Pests love clutter. They can hide in it, they can nest in it, they can even chew through it. That’s why, in general, clean homes don’t have as many pest problems as unkempt ones. Pests just want a quiet, out of the way, warm place where they can survive, and get food and water, especially in winter. Cluttered spaces such as attics, garages and basements can be paradise to critters like rodents and bugs.

Pest control technicians in Phoenix and Mesa can help you eradicate unwanted visitors in the event they set up shop in your home, but prevention is best.

Why Pests Want to Live in Your Clutter

From shelter to food to water, here’s what you’re unwittingly providing them by living in a cluttered space.

  • Shelter. Pests like to hide in boxes and piles of old clothes, and can do so for a long time without you finding out. They get warmth from these items, which is a bonus for them in the winter.
  • Food. Pests will ferret out the tiniest of food debris in clutter – even if you can’t see it. If you like to eat lunch in your home office and keep piles of paper all around you, pests will find a two-fer there: shelter and food all in one place.
  • Water. Leaky pipes and standing water can provide the H2O pests need to survive. They’ll hide out in cabinets under sinks, and corners of basements, so be sure to check these areas regularly.

Types of Pests That Hide in Clutter

The more piles of clutter, crumbs on countertops, and holes in screens you have, the more likelihood that pests will gather there. The most common pests that will take it upon themselves to enter your home include:

  • Mice and Rats. Rodents carry dozens of diseases that may be transmitted to humans. Not only do they leave droppings behind, they chew through insulation and wires, and spread bacteria.
  • Roaches. Roaches love water sources and are drawn to cluttered spaces. They carry diseases such as E.coli, as well as the ability to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in children.
  • Bed Bugs. You may unknowingly carry bed bugs into your home with luggage or even clothing from a secondhand store.

Start the Decluttering Process With One Room

It can seem overwhelming to declutter your whole home, so start with just one room. Choose a starting point and work systematically. Grab plenty of trash bags and boxes to throw all trash or broken items into. You can also donate any items that are still in good condition. Get rid of large items first to clear up space. Once you have decluttered one room, move onto the next. To keep things bearable, stick to one room a day.

Professional Pest Control in Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve taken all the right steps to declutter your home and still experience a pest invasion, or you’ve discovered evidence of pest activity while clearing away boxes, don’t hesitate to call our experienced Phoenix exterminators today. Just contact us at 602-338-9223 and our reliable Phoenix and Mesa pest control technicians will visit your home.

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