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Busting Spider Myths Phoenix, AZ
Busting Spider Myths
Busting Spider Myths Phoenix AZ
Pest Control
Dec 23, 2023

Spider Myths and Facts

You don’t find many people who actually love spiders. Most of us are afraid of them, or at least just don’t want to be around them. There are many urban legends out there to fuel this fear, and those aren’t helping matters. Is there some truth to those urban legends? Do spiders really crawl in our mouths while we’re sleeping? Is spider silk really as strong as steel? Today, our pest control technicians in Phoenix will explore these legends and bust some myths.

Myth or Fact: You swallow many spiders while you sleep

This one is false. While it’s certainly possible for a spider to crawl in your mouth while you sleep, it would go against a spider’s nature to leave their secluded hiding place and venture into a sleeping human several times its size, with no real chance of food within a gaping, breathing, snoring mouth.

Myth or Fact: Black widow venom is stronger than that of a rattlesnake

True. Actually, black widow venom is 10x more potent than the venom of a rattlesnake in a side by side comparison. Yes, more people technically die each year of rattlesnake bites than they do of black widow bites but that’s because snakes inject a lot more venom in their bite than spiders.

Myth or Fact: All spiders spin webs

Myth. Not every variety of spider spins webs. Take the wolf spider family, for instance. This species will sprint after their prey, like an actual wolf would do, and jumping spiders stalk and pounce on their prey.

Myth or Fact: Spiders crawl up plumbing pipes and into bathrooms

False. The anatomy of your home’s pipes would make it highly unlikely for spiders to climb up a vast network of pipes to emerge into your sink or shower. They would have to swim through the P trap, which is a pocket of water in a curved section of pipe. This isn’t to say spiders aren’t found in sinks or bathtubs. If you find one, it’s because it was probably attracted by the water droplets and made its way downward into the plumbing fixture from up above.

Side note: some pests can and do emerge into your home via plumbing pipes. Rats, for instance, are skilled swimmers.

Myth or Fact: Spider silk is as strong as steel

This is actually true. Spider silk is very strong and resilient, and can be stretched to many times its length before breaking. It actually can measure up to 5x stronger than steel. But because its natural structure is very difficult to replicate and mass produce, unlike silk hailing from silkworm farms, it’s rare.

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