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The Low Down on Earwigs In Phoenix, AZ
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July 24, 2023

Earwigs Should Not Be In Your Home

As a homeowner, you’re likely always on the alert for insect invaders of all types. You may be more aware of the most common pests like mice or ants. But the truth is, earwigs are more common than you think in Phoenix. If you spot a strange-looking bug with large pincers, don’t panic.

First, familiarize yourself with them, including the myths and legends associated with this common household pest. Here is some info you should know about earwigs and what to do about them. One of your first tasks should be to call an earwig exterminator in Mesa before the infestation gets out of control.

Don’t Get Fooled by Earwig Myth

Many people only know about earwigs from the legend that says these bugs crawl inside your ear and burrow inside your brain to lay eggs. While this is how they got their name, earwigs aren’t quite as sinister as they have been made out to be around campfire stories. Earwigs try to stay away from humans and pose no outright danger to them. But still, they are nuisance pests and you don’t want them living in your house.

Know That Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Their name is misleading, but so too is their appearance. Yes, they sport prominent pincers coming out of their abdomens, but those frightening-looking appendages aren’t as dangerous as you would think. They use them to protect themselves from predators such as insects, birds, and toads. Generally, they don’t use them to pierce human skin. Earwigs are also not venomous.

Why Are Earwigs Considered Pests?

No, earwigs won’t bite you or crawl into your ear, but they are still widely known as garden and household pests due to what they feast on. These omnivores eat both plants and other small creatures, but they mostly eat plants and leaves. They like to dine on other insects and hang out in moist, decaying areas. In fact, they even like eating mold!

Earwigs pose a danger to your landscaping and your garden, eating away at your plants and damaging your crops.

What to Do About Earwig Infestation

If you have found earwigs inside your house, call a pest control company in Phoenix immediately. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to keep more out or prevent them in the first place. Seal cracks and holes along the exterior and interior of your home, especially on the lower floor. Address leaking pipes or areas with excess moisture such as bathrooms or basements.

If you have spotted earwigs in your yard or garden, remove leaf piles or areas of decay. One tip is to slather petroleum jelly on the stems of your plants, which makes it impossible for earwigs to climb up. Lastly, try to attract more birds to your yard with bird feeders so they can feast on the earwigs and help you out naturally.

Earwig Treatment & Control Phoenix, AZ

Got earwigs in Phoenix, AZ? contact Frontino Pest Control today for an earwig extermination consultation!

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