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The Most Common Pests in Phoenix to Look Out For Phoenix, AZ
Venomous Insects, Stinging Insects and Wood Destroying Insects in Phoenix, AZ
The Most Common Pests in Phoenix to Look Out For Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Pest Control
Oct 12 2022

Phoenix Sure Has Some Dangerous Pest

There are many pests and critters that live amongst us in Phoenix AZ. But there are some that are more common and prevalent than others, such as termites and scorpions. Yes, most pests in Arizona are nuisances, but a few could be very dangerous. That’s why any pest infestation in your home is a cause for alarm, and should warrant a call to a Phoenix pest control company.

Check out the five most common household pests in this area.

1. Termites

The USDA says termites cause more than $4 billion in damages each year in this country. They are certainly a nationwide problem, but Arizona is even more prone to termite infestation because it’s located on the most active subterranean termite belt in the nation. Termites congregate in huge underground colonies and can wreak havoc whenever they surface.

They chew through wood and other pulp-based materials, and can damage structural supports in a home at a very fast rate. The cleanup and rebuilding of termite-related damage can cost thousands of dollars. Early detection is key.

2. Ants

While ants are found all over the United States, certain species in Phoenix can be dangerous. Fire ants in particular can be a threat to home owners. They travel in large colonies, and can deliver many painful bites despite their size if they are disturbed. If you have children or pets, you should be especially aware of their presence and the threat they pose.

Carpenter ants are another species common in this area. They make their nests by burrowing through damp wood, and, like termites, can cause a lot of structural damage to homes. They are most likely to be active in kitchens or bathrooms.

3. Scorpions

Scorpions like to hang out in the shade, away from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Your home offers a cool environment that attracts them inside. Watch out for the bark scorpion, in particular. This nasty critter can inject a highly toxic venom leading to intense pain, convulsions, and difficulty breathing. They can be hard to detect when hiding, thanks to their translucent bodies. Check your shoes before putting them on!

4. Spiders

Spiders of all kinds can be found all over Phoenix. Most are harmless, but a bite from brown recluses, black widows, or tarantulas can send you to the ER in a flash.

5. Wasps

Winged pests are common in all areas of Arizona, especially in summer. Paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are prevalent here, and their stings can be pretty nasty. Paper wasps have distinct yellow marks on their black or dark-brown bodies, and they’re typically found in gardens feasting on flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Yellow jackets are also yellow and black, yet with shorter legs. They like to swarm around trash cans and picnic tables looking for human food. Hornets are marked by their black and white heads. They’re aggressive and like to hang out in eaves of your home, bushes, overhangs, and trees.

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