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Prevent Pests With Landscape Management Phoenix, AZ
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Prevent Pests With Landscape Management Phoenix AZ
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March 15, 2023

Preventing Pest Starts On The Outsdie

If you own a business, you know your property’s appearance matters. It provides a good first impression of your company, while presenting a safe and clean environment for your customers and employees. The best way to impress customers is with proactive landscape management. There’s another side benefit to this as well: pest prevention.

Did you know that, depending on the plants and details you choose, you can either repel pests or welcome them? Here’s how to make the right choices when it comes to landscape management for protection of your business. If you do spot pests, be sure to call an exterminator in Mesa as soon as possible.

Water Features

Humans aren’t the only ones that need to stay hydrated to survive – pests do too. They are all drawn to sources of moisture, and mosquitoes are no different. They need shallow water sources to mate and lay their eggs. A water feature buzzing with mosquitoes on your property is not going to bode well for business.

That means you have to pay special attention to your water features. Make sure your water features have the ability to keep the water inside them from getting stagnant. Mosquitoes need still, standing water to breed, so make sure your larger water features don’t have water deeper than two feet.

Plants and Mulch

Carefully choose the plants and mulch you use in your landscape design. Did you know some plants can actually keep pests away? Marigolds repel mosquitoes and other bugs with their distinctive scent. Bees love lavender because of the pollination factor, but other pests hate the scent. Citronella grass has the same oils found in outdoor pest prevention candles. Herbs such as mint, basil and rosemary tend to repel pests.

While mulch may look attractive, prevent weed growth, and help plants absorb water, it can also be damp, soft and warm – which are all qualities that pests love. Keep mulched areas 18 inches or more from your building’s exterior, and choose a variety that does not retain too much moisture, such as cedar mulch. When digging mulch beds, don’t go deeper than two inches.


Pests will look for and find perimeter breaches, so be sure you keep your building sealed up tight. Mice, rats and roaches can get through the tiniest of holes. Rodents can get into your attic, windows and upper levels via overhanging branches.

Trim foliage back regularly by at least a few feet from your exteriors. You can also install an 18- to 24-inch gravel strip around the perimeter of the building which will act as somewhat of a barrier to pests.

Exterior Pest Prevention Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pests still make their way inside. If this has happened to your business, contact us today at 602-338-9223. Our Phoenix AZ commercial exterminators can provide a comprehensive inspection and free quote.

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