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Crazy Facts About Silverfish Phoenix, AZ
Discover Arizona Silverfish
Crazy Facts About Silverfish Phoenix AZ
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22 July 2022

Silverfish Fun Facts

Silverfish are weird-looking creatures that have a prehistoric appearance. Indeed, they predate the dinosaurs by 100 million years! These scaly insects are tear-shaped with long bristle-like appendages off their backs paired with long antennae. Silver or brown in color, they are covered with silvery-gray scales and move in a swimming motion, which is how they earned their name.

As one of the most ancient insects on Planet Earth, silverfish are pretty fascinating creatures – however, you don’t want to share your home with them! That’s why if you spot one of these insects in your house, you should call your trusted Phoenix exterminator right away.

Here are some cool facts about silverfish.

  • They are prehistoric: Silverfish have been crawling around the world for more than 400 million years!
  • They’re not good fighters: Silverfish have no natural defenses against predators. They do have speed going for them though, which is how they have managed to evade predators for all those years. They use their speed to run for cover.
  • Females lay eggs on the daily: When female silverfish reach their adult stage, they produce eggs every day for the rest of their lives. They lay them in well-protected areas, such as cracks and crevices, and under carpets.
  • Where there’s one, there’s a bunch: Silverfish don’t invade on their own. If you spot one, you can bet there are lots more hiding.
  • Silverfish need moisture: They crave moisture to survive, which is why you usually see them in humid areas with access to food but with little foot traffic.
  • They’re not picky about what they eat: Silverfish eat paper, glue, shaving cream, and anything else that has a lot of starch in it -- toothpaste, pasta, cardboard and fabric. They don’t even turn up their noses at eating dead insects.
  • Silverfish are adaptive: They can live up to one year without eating if times are tough.
  • You can’t get rid of them easily: Due to their adaptive nature and because they’ve graced the Earth for millions of years, Silverfish have a resistance to insecticides.
  • They have a long lifespan: It takes about two years for a juvenile silverfish to reach adulthood. Overall, they can live between three and six years, which is a long lifespan for an insect.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about silverfish. Don’t forget to call us if you spot one though!

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