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Most Common Arizona Rodents Phoenix, AZ
Rodents That Cause Havoc in Phoenix,AZ
Most Common Arizona Rodents Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Pest Control
Jan 15, 2022

Common Rats and Mice

From pack rats to house mice to roof rats, there are many common rodents found all over Phoenix. They are all different when it comes to size, nesting habits and food preferences, but they all have one thing in common: they cause a lot of damage to homes and they spread disease. They’ll gnaw on electric wiring and pipes, nest in your stored clothing, and have babies in your attic.

Most Arizona rodents are nocturnal, sleeping during the day and scurrying around at night. This makes it tougher to know you even have a rodent infestation in the first place, unless you see a direct result of their co-habitation. That’s why contacting a rodent exterminator at the first sign of infestation is so important.

1. Pack Rats

The pack rat, also known as a wood rat, is common in central Arizona desert areas. There are three types of pack rat:

  • Mexican pack rat
  • Stephen’s pack rat
  • Whitethroat pack rat

Pack rats feature fur on their tails. They are most often identified by that furry tail, as well as white paws and white underbelly. They are usually about six to eight inches long, and can pose a threat to human health thanks to the thick layers of urine and feces that line their living areas.

2. House Mouse

The house mouse needs humans for their food and shelter. That’s why they’re fairly common in houses and outbuildings. They are smaller than rats, usually sporting a gray coat and off-white underbelly. They eat about one-tenth of an ounce of food each day, yet are capable of producing 50 droppings a day! These droppings can contaminate the food products you have stored throughout your kitchen and pantry.

3. Deer Mouse

Deer mice spread hantavirus, which you can contract when you inhale dust particles containing their feces, urine or saliva. Their nests include tree cavities and animal burrows outdoors, and storage boxes and cabinet drawers indoors. They’re more common in rural areas.

4. Roof Rat

Top Warning Signs of Roof Rats Phoenix AZ

Also known as a black rat for its black or dark brown coloring, the roof rat has a long, hairless tail that’s longer than the length of its entire body. Roof rats can be up to 18 inches long, and prefer to nest in upper levels of homes like attics and ceilings. Outside, they like to make their homes in trees, debris, dense vegetation, and woodpiles. Roof rats gain entry into your home by scurrying along electric wires or tree limbs.

What Are Top Warning Signs of Roof Rats

5. Norway Rat

These are bigger than roof rats or house mice, usually growing to about 10 inches long. Their hairless tails are shorter than their bodies and they sport grayish-brown fur. They can actually jump pretty far, and prefer nighttime to scrounge for food. Norway rats carry and spread diseases like Lyme disease, plague and leptospirosis. They have strong teeth for gnawing and will bite through insulation, wiring and even cement.

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