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Buying a Home With a History of Termites Phoenix, AZ
Inspect The Damage Caused By Termites
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15 Nov 2022

You Have Signs Of Termites?

If you’ve finally found your dream home, you’re understandably excited to get the inspection and closing over with so you can enjoy your new house in Phoenix, AZ. But in your haste, don’t be tempted to skip the inspection step, as the home could be riddled with termite damage. This isn’t out of the realm of possibility, as termites are actually one of the biggest pests to plague the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Here’s what you should know about termite damage and what to do when buying a house with a history of termites.

Is the Termite Infestation Ongoing or Under Control?

The first thing you need to do after spotting signs of termites is to determine if this is an ongoing problem or if it has been properly addressed already. If the latter, this means that the pests have been destroyed, which is good, but the structure has to be repaired in order to prevent future outbreaks. Who will pay for that?

If the problem is ongoing and has not been addressed by the current homeowner, you can ask them to fix the problem before the closing, or ask for money at closing to fix the problem yourself once you move in. In any case, always get a home buyer’s termite inspection by a qualified Mesa exterminator beforehand to assess the extent of the damage.

Can the Damage be Fixed?

Yes, some termite damage is visible, but a lot of it remains hidden deep inside the home’s wooden structural components. Your Gilbert exterminator can tell you if the damage can easily be fixed affordably or if extensive and expensive repairs will be required.

Keep in mind, it can take up to 10 years for termites to do enough damage that it’s noticeable and becomes impossible to repair.

Use Your Bargaining Power

There are some benefits to buying a home that has known termite damage, provided the problem was treated and is no longer current. You may be able to knock some money off your offer and save some money. This is where your bargaining skills will come into play.

First, you’ll want to hire a professional to perform a home inspection. If they find evidence of termite damage, they will compile it within an official report which you can use to bargain with the current homeowner on price.

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