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Your Guide to Fall Cleaning and Pest Prevention Phoenix, AZ
Inspect Your Arizona Home This Fall
Your Guide to Fall Cleaning and Pest Prevention Phoenix AZ
Pest Control
Oct 12 2022

Inspect Your Property Each Season in Phoenix, AZ

With fall well underway, it’s time to think about performing a deep clean inside and outside your home. A general cleaning is great for your family’s safety and health, but it’s also beneficial in keeping pests away from your Mesa property.

Here are some tips on fall cleaning and pest prevention. Be on the lookout for evidence of pest infestation and be sure to call a Phoenix exterminator right away if you do.

  • Look for harmful chemicals such as toxic cleaners or pesticides that should be removed. Good places to look include under sinks, and in basements, attics, garages, and closets.
  • Check food products for expiration dates, and throw away leaky or damaged containers.
  • Read disposal instructions on product labels.
  • Repair door and window screens so pests don’t have an easy way in.
  • Inspect faucets, utility lines and appliances for moisture accumulation so as not to attract mold, mildew, rodents and insects.
  • Clear leaves and other debris from gutters.
  • Store summer items, such as clothing and decor, in air-tight bins or vacuum-sealed storage bags. This will deter pests that like to eat through cardboard, such as termites, cockroaches, silverfish, and moths.
  • Clear away spider webs.
  • Caulk any tiny openings you may find. Mice can fit in spaces the size of a dime.
  • Place human and pet food in airtight, sealed containers.
  • Properly store outdoor patio furniture and other items such as lawn mowers and garden hoses.
  • Keep your home neat and tidy so critters have fewer spots to hide.

Come Up With a Regular Cleaning Routine

Now that you’ve cleaned the house, don’t stop now! Create a regular cleaning routine to use every season. Write it down or type something up on the computer. Make up your own checklist that’s unique to your house. Then, you can simply use that list over and over. Be sure to do deep cleans at least twice a year, in spring and fall.

Do periodic checks to see if you can spot evidence of pest infestation. Early detection and removal are key in ensuring your Phoenix home remains safe from critters. These regular tasks include wiping down countertops, clearing sink drains and wiping the inside of kitchen cabinets. Wipe up all crumbs and spills as they happen.

Wash bed linens regularly, such as comforters. You may also want to flip your mattresses, wash your shower curtains, and have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned.

Don’t forget windows and doors. Clean the glass, as well window sills, and then move onto the baseboards, ceiling fans, light switches, and door knobs.

Call Frontino Pest Control

During your fall cleaning tasks, if you come across evidence of any pests in your home, call Frontino Pest Control at 602-338-9223. We will gladly schedule an inspection with one of our Mesa AZ exterminators right away.

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