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Termite Awareness Week is Coming Up Phoenix, AZ
Termite Awareness Week
Termite Awareness Week is Coming Up Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Pest Control
Feb 16, 2024

Termite Awareness: Protecting Your Home from Termites

Termite Awareness Week is March 10 to 16 this year, and it’s time to brush up on your termite knowledge. This annual event was created by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and is designed to raise awareness about the damage that termites cause to homes, as well as to educate homeowners on how to control and prevent termite infestations.

Knowing the signs of termite infestations can ensure you take prompt action to mitigate damage by hiring a termite exterminator in Phoenix. Homeowners spend $5 billion annually on termite damage repair and control, says the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Here are some signs that you may have termites in your house:

  1. Discarded Wings and Flying Termites
    Flying termites are either male or female, and several species prefer to come out at nighttime. They like artificial light sources after the sun sets. Other species prefer swarming during the day, or after it has rained (drywood termites). If you start seeing discarded or broken wings gathered on your windowsills, this means an aging termite swarm no longer needs their wings.
  2. Chewing Noises or Head-Banging
    If you are hearing quiet clicking sounds from inside the walls, this is likely soldier termites that are banging their little heads against the wood. They also tend to shake their bodies when a danger is posed to the colony. Termites are very sensitive to noises and vibrations and are able to detect them quite easily. Worker termites are noisy when they eat, so those sounds you hear could be them snacking.
  3. Mud Tubes
    These protect the termites, and you’ll often spot mud tubes around your foundation. They are typically built by subterranean termite species, and they comprise soil and termite droppings. Termites draw moisture from these tubes, so be sure to remove any moisture-rich sources that can be found around the foundation and property. Do not store firewood, wood chips or mulch against your home.
  4. Tight-Fitting Doors and Windows
    Is it hard to open and close your windows and doors? It may not be because they are old or there’s a lot of humidity around. Sometimes this is a sign of termites. They tend to produce moisture when they eat and tunnel, which then warps window and door frames so they stick.
  5. Hollow-Sounding Timber
    Termites eat the wood from the inside out, which leaves behind a thin layer of timber or even paint. Tap the area to listen for a papery or hollow sound. You may even spot cracks on interior ceilings or walls. These are signs of termite activity. Spongy flooring is another sign.

Termite Treatment in Phoenix, AZ
If you suspect your home has termites, it’s important to take immediate action before more costly damage occurs behind the scenes. Contact our Phoenix termite exterminators right away for a free quote and inspection at 602-338-9223.

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