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How Can You Get Rid of Mice Once They're Inside Your Home? Phoenix, AZ
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How Can You Get Rid of Mice Once They're Inside Your Home? Phoenix AZ
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Seot 19 2022

Preventing Mice Is The Best Choice

Of course, you know that prevention is the best method of keeping rodent infestation at bay. But even the most diligent of efforts can result in a mouse in the house – or many. So despite your best efforts, what do you do when mice get inside your home?

Well, it may entail a combination of tactics, from exclusion (sealing all entry points) to a full-on rodent elimination program that can include traps and bait. When you call a Phoenix rodent exterminator, they will typically start off by conducting an inspection of the home to first identify how the mice are getting in as well as the resources they are exploiting (easy access to food, water, and shelter).

Rodent Elimination Strategies

Eliminating and then monitoring mice will take two distinct strategies. These include the use of traps and the use of rodenticide. It can be time consuming and ineffective to rely on cleaning and resetting traps alone. This is why exterminators also have to resort to restricting obvious entry points and eliminating access to resources.

They will also employ the use of rodenticides to not only monitor rodent feeding but to also control the populations within the home. Mice will chew on rodenticide bait block edges, which will eliminate the most mice in the environment in which they are the most active. This helps pest control experts quickly determine problem areas, as well as location of entry points, food, and nests.

There’s really no way to flush out mice from your walls, which is where they typically nest. But when deprived of all resources, they will seek food elsewhere and wander into carefully placed equipment set by rodent exterminators.

What Stops Mice From Dying in the Walls?

In general, mice don’t want to live where there are other people, activity and noises. This makes it unlikely they will set up their homes in your walls, especially in common areas that get a lot of noise and traffic. They will make their homes far away from activity. While they may wander when looking for food, they will retreat to their nesting areas to die – like all animals -- when they are sick due to consuming rodenticide baits.

Rodent populations should quickly reduce once all entry points have been sealed.

Mouse Prevention Tips

Here are some tips to keep mice out of your house in the first place:

  • Make sure all exterior doors are tight-fitting and have functional door sweeps.
  • Do the same for plumbing and electrical penetrations, as common entry points for mice include A/C compressor lines, electric meter units, gas or heating oil lines, roofline gaps, window wells, and dryer vents.
  • Don’t unintentionally feed the mice. Keep bird seed sealed tight in containers as well as dry/non-refrigerated foods for pets and humans.

Call Frontino Pest Control For Rodent Infestations

If you have done all you can to prevent mice from getting inside your Mesa home but they still found a way in, call Frontino Pest Control at 602-338-9223 for a consultation by our experienced Glendale AZ exterminators.

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