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Top Restaurant Pest Control Tips Phoenix, AZ
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Top Restaurant Pest Control Tips Phoenix AZ
Phoenix Pest Control
23 July 2022

Top Pest Control Tips For Restaurants

Whether you have been invaded by scurrying rodents, flying insects, or creepy crawly bugs, no pest of any kind is ever welcome in a restaurant environment. Not only does this pose a health risk for occupants due to the food contamination aspect, it can turn off customers or land you in hot water with the Board of Health.

Your Mesa pest control technician can make sure your restaurant stays pest free all year round through regular treatments and proactive measures. Here are some tips to follow as a restaurant owner so you can keep your establishment clean and pest free.

Exterior Pest Control

When it comes to outdoor pests, you may have a couple of key problem areas. It’s important to make sure these areas are clean every day so you not only eliminate current pests but also prevent new pests from showing up.

  • 1. Lighting: Many insects are attracted to the warmth given off by exterior lighting. You can incorporate some UV light bug zappers or use glue traps to lure insects, but be sparing in what you use, as these can turn off guests. When designing your standard exterior lighting for nighttime dining, use a minimum amount directly on your establishment and consider installing fixtures further away from the building pointed at doorways rather than right under them.
  • 2. Dumpsters: Dumpsters and other trash receptacles attract pests and are an eyesore if you fail to maintain them. Make sure you choose an appropriate size dumpster that is realistic for your needs and that won’t lead to overflow. Regularly hose down the surrounding area but make sure water can flow into a nearby drain.
  • 3. Entrances and Exits: Keep doors and windows closed when possible, but keep in mind that certain areas, such as drive-through windows and receiving departments, will be subjected to frequent opening and closing. You may want to install an air curtain to keep bugs out or door sweeps that can deter rodents.

Interior Pest Control

Regular cleaning and sanitizing, along with prompt cleaning of spills and messes, are key to deterring pests from proliferating inside your establishment.

  • 1. Dining and Food Prep Areas: Wipe down seats and tables and underneath these furniture pieces after each party leaves. Make sure you get all crumbs, drips, and splashes not just on tables but on equipment and wait stations as well.
  • 2. Storage Area: Make sure to store dry food in sealed containers to keep rodents and other pests out. Store food at least six inches off the ground and a foot away from walls so these areas are easier to clean.
  • 3. Trash Cans: Use liners in all trash cans, and make sure those cans have lids. Regularly clean the inside of the can itself in case anything drips down the sides.
  • 4. Floor Drains: Floor drains breed pests, especially flies. Check underneath the drain grate for loose debris and regularly clean the drain itself.

Remember, the top restaurant pests include rodents, cockroaches, and flies, so whatever you can do to stop their spread is extremely helpful – indeed vital to your livelihood.

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You will be glad to know we offer regular preventive and proactive pest control programs designed for commercial businesses. To learn more, contact us at 602-338-9223 and speak with one of our Phoenix exterminators.

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